Windy and Warm
Written by John Loudermilk

Performed by Ted Ellis - I had a 3 month period when I was really into Merle Travis and his 2 finger picking style.  I rented some videos of him as well as of Doc Watson who does a terrific job playing this tune.  It is just amazing what Travis did with a thumb and index finger.   Plus he has one of those large hands so that instead of making bar chords, he would more often wrap his thumb around the neck, fretting one or two bass strings that way.

His picking is so clean, steady and imaginative.  Anyway, I learned to do a fair version of this tune.  This isn't one of the songs he wrote, but it is a nice example of that style.

Some more info on Travis - he sketched a design for the first solid body electric guitar. He then had Paul Bigsby build it for him.  He designed it with the tuning pegs all pointed upward for easy access.   Leo Fender borrowed the instrument and used its unique features to design the Telecaster.  Some of Travis's famous songs are:  Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!, Roly Poly, 16 Tons, Sweet Temptation, Dark as a Dungeon, So Round So Firm So Fully Packed, Three Times Seven, No Vacancy

Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
(V. Horton, D. Darling, M. Gabler)

Performed by Caravan, a progressive Blugrass/Swing band I used to be in. Members at that time were: Jeff Ramsey (mandolin, lead vocals), Barbara Collins (fiddle, vocals), Greg Linder (guitar), Ted Ellis (dobro), Larry Gilliam (bass, vocals)