The Real McCain
The Truth About The 'Straight-Talk-Express'

Foreign policy is supposed to be his specialty, the reason people might vote for him, especially regarding issues with the Iraq war. But he has so many major facts wrong, it's just astounding, and very dangerous. And he doesn't say the wrong thing once, he does it over and over again.

There are several possibilities as to why he's wrong, all of them bad: he's senile or some other condition, he's simply not very bright, or he's lying. It may be one, or some, or all of these, but in any case, he's clearly unfit to be the next president.

The media has been giving McCain a pass for years. Even McCain calls the media his base, because they fawn over him so much and don't challenge him or ask tough questions, especially follow-up questions.

Here is a list I started on his serious, and very scary errors:

- McCain was a leading cheerleader and architect for the illegal Iraq war, constantly telling the Bush Administration lies about Iraq having WMD's and still claims that's what everyone thought.
- He repeatedly confuses the religions of Al Qaida (Sunni) with Iran (Shia), thinking Al Qaida is in cahoots with the other, a ridiculous proposition, just as it was when Cheney lied linking Saddam to Bin Laden. The Sunni / Shia claim is a major error and should have all but ended his candidacy, but the press (Brit Hume on Fox News) called it a minor blip and a senior moment. The media then stopped covering the story.
- Said the Anbar Awakening was created by the surge when the Anbar Awakening started in 2006 and the surge started in 2007.
- Claimed there is a serious situation on the Iraq / Pakistan Iraq border, a border that doesn't exist. They are over 1,000 miles apart - see map.
- And he often talks about Czechoslovakia, which hasn't existed since 1993.
- Too many people will die if we have another thoughtless ideologue who can't think any better than George W. Bush.

The Real McCain.