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I live in the Seattle area.  I follow politics closely, and play some tennis. My other interests are playing swing and bluegrass, and discussing current events and history.  I like swing dancing, old movies, comedy, film noir, science fiction, and sports.

I patented a capo for a dobro guitar a number of years ago.

Bush is about as illegitimate as president as there has ever been. Certainly in modern times. His endless war, breaking down the separation between church and state, racism, bigotry, war, corruption and other repressive laws and crimes are incredible.

We should be impeaching - well, too late for that now - but not too late for war crimes and criminal trials against Bush and his gang. The crimes are in the public record. It doesn't take much time to find out. Torture, illegal invasion, kidnapping, illegal wiretapping (one of the impeachment crimes against Nixon), the list is very long. Pressure on Congress is the only way to restore the Constitution. It's being systematically destroyed, day by day. That is what our representatives are elected to protect. It's what Bush, Cheney swore to uphold. Instead they are creating an imperial presidency that is not bound by the Constitution or the laws of the land. Fight to take back our country.

My last election items about the Real John McCain and Sarah Palin. They will be trouble in the times ahead.

The Bush Years:

Bush and his administration tortured people. They have ended Habeas Corpus, a basic tenet of our Constitution, something they swore to defend when taking the oath of office. Not defending it is treason, an impeachable offense.


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