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     University of Washington
Applied Physics Department

Seaglider Program: 1,000 Meter Depth

Record for longest deployment and travel - using no propellers, it travels silently
It moves forward by changing its buoyancy - propelling it by sinking and rising
The black bladder inflates and deflates with oil to change the buoyancy
Project closed in 2018 after supplying
more than 125 Seagliders and 8 Deepglider
Transferred to another manufacturer I believe

Seaglider Project - on YouTube
Seaglider Components
I made the green parts:
7075 Aluminum Hard Anodized

Diagram Cutaway View
Same components as Deepglider


Seaglider - Ready    

Seaglider - Deployed to Davis Strait

Seaglider - Assembly

Jim Osse - Designer
Seaglider and Deepglider


University of Washington
Astronomy / Physics Department

Four Axis Machining of a Support Arm for the Large Hadron Collider
The Largest Particle Collider in the World
My Program and Setup Tooling being run by co-worker Peter, after I left the UW

Four Axis Machining On The "Small Dahlih" CNC Mill


University of Washington
Physics / Astronomy Department

Deepglider Project - 6,000 Meter Depth

In Collaboration With
U.W. Applied Physics and designer Jim Osse

The initial stock was too large a diameter to fit over the cross-slide.
I used our largest steady rest to machine a section down to fit over the cross-slide.
No photos of that setup, but a photo showing the minimum clearance that created.
I had to flood the cross-slide to prevent chips from getting caught under the stock.
Photo shows tool block with two tools, but of course I only had one installed each time.  
Machining a mandrel.
For wrapping with carbon fiber.
Stock following machining with steady rest.
Custom tool holder with two tools

Heavy stock was dicey in the steady rest.
It rumbled threatening to dance around.
So I machined minimum needed to clear.

Flooding the Tool and the Cross-Slide

Machining Mandrel
Machining Mandrel

Machining Mandrel

Mandrel Completed

Carbon Fiber Pressure Hull
Setting up for Machining

Carbon Fiber Pressure Test
10,000 PSI - Destructive Testing
Building must be evacuated first

Destructive Test
I made mandrels for these tests

A different carbon fiber manufacturer

Didn't seem to survive as well as above mfr.

Deepglider Cutaway - with Sensors, etc.
Sensors: Salinity - pressure - oxygen
There may be other sensors for the DOD

Deepglider Prowls the Test Tank
Charlie Erickson's Lab -
U.W. Oceanography Building

Deepglider - Later Version

Deepglider Deployment


University of Washington
Physics / Astronomy Department

Astronomy Scope

Astronomy Scope - Detector Side

Astronomy Scope - Adjusters
And miniature bellows

Astronomy Scope
Detector Section

Astronomy Scope
Small Fusion Weld - Magnifier in Helmet
For electrical feed-throughs
Fusion Weld Bead
Scale comparison with the edge of a penny
Miller Aerowave

Crystal Bender

Place Holder

Inductotherm 15-96 Power-Track
Supplying induction power to:
Bell Housing Vacuum Furnace
Using Double Wind Induction Coil

Vacuum welding with the coil I built
Purple Plasma Field Visible
Via a very tiny amount of, hydrogen I think
My coworker managed that, it's so cool!



Intellectual Ventures Lab
ARKTEK - Manufactured by Aucma Global
A Passive Vaccine Storage Device - PVSD

    ARKTEK Commercial Version - With One Cut In Half
Assembly Line

Prototypes I built and helped to design.
One is partially cutaway to show the inner chamber, insulation and bellows neck.
An inner chamber testing our insulation wrapping device with toilet paper as a cheap test material.

  From Right to Left
Inner Chamber Prototype Showing Bellows Neck and Test Insulation.
The neck design greatly increases the distance for heat to travel from outside to inside.
Three Prototypes - good for over a month of vaccine storage.
Two early commercial versions. One current ARKTEK commercial PVSD.

Prototype with Cap for Monitoring Temp.

Partial Cutaway


  Cap Display - Showing Cap's Temperature    

Prototype with Shielding and
Larger Opening-Reinforced with Fiberglass

Larger Opening
With Fiberglass Support
Bellows is behind the Fiberglass Cylinder
Test Wrap of Inner Chamber
Large Bellows with Bi-Metal Transition Piece
Permits Welding to the Al. Outer Section