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About Me

I currently live in the Seattle area. I'm an atheist.
I'm very liberal.
I'm a supporter of Medicare for All.  Franklin Roosevelt had national healthcare on his list of things to accomplish.

I grew up in Maryland, north of Washington D.C.
I moved to Virginia for a few years, then left for Atlanta around 1980 where I lived for the next 10 years.
Following that, I moved to Washington State living in Suquamish first on the Kitsap Peninsula for a decade, then to northern Seattle where I am now.

I used to play a lot of tennis, but health issues have put a damper on that for now.
I was in a couple of progressive bluegrass bands in the 1980's and 1990's and enjoyed that immensely.
I play in varying degrees of competence:  dobro, guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and piano.

I patented a capo for a dobro guitar a number of years ago.
Saga Music manufactured for a while and you can still see it on the
Resophonic Capo page at this nice Capo Museum website.

I worked on two volunteer campaigns to pass an initiative placing Single Payer Healthcare up for a vote in Washington State.
Unfortunately we didn't get enough signatures to qualify to put in on the ballot.
I support a number of organizations including these:
ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The Nation, NAACP (Lifetime), Democratic Socialists of America (Lifetime), Seattle Atheists (Lifetime).

Current Administration
Trump and the Republican party are a danger to our nation, our constitution and our planet.
Their greed and endless pursuit of profit instead of combating global warming, supporting human rights and equality is an abomination.
It is a party of extreme cruelty, oppression, racism and is now openly fascist and dictatorial.
It is a crime against humanity for them to insist on increasing the warming rate for profit while people and so many organisms die as a result.


The Bush Administration - I wrote this during his presidency
Bush is about as illegitimate as president as there has ever been, certainly in modern times.
His endless wars, breaking down the separation between church and state, racism, bigotry, war, corruption and other repressive laws and crimes are incredible.

We should be impeaching - well, too late for that now - but not too late for war crimes and criminal trials against Bush and his gang. The crimes are in the public record. It doesn't take much time to find out. Torture, illegal invasion, kidnapping, illegal wiretapping (one of the impeachment crimes against Nixon), the list is very long. Pressure on Congress is the only way to restore the Constitution. It's being systematically destroyed, day by day. That is what our representatives are elected to protect. It's what Bush, Cheney swore to uphold. Instead they are creating an imperial presidency that is not bound by the Constitution or the laws of the land. Fight to take back our country.

My last election items about the Real John McCain and Sarah Palin. They will be trouble in the times ahead.

The Bush Years

Bush and his administration tortured people. They have ended Habeas Corpus, a basic tenet of our Constitution, something they swore to defend when taking the oath of office. Not defending it is treason, an impeachable offense.

Political Notes
Republicans prefer government corporatism, and have been implementing that for decades. It's a main component of fascism. The way they have been doing that is through privatization of government. For instance, privatizing our military makes war a for-profit venture. More wars = more profit (for some anyway). They privatize education, healthcare, infrastructure, you name it, and all of these areas provide us with an inferior product over the non-profit model. We tried privatizing fire departments a long time ago, and you can imagine how that worked out. The same goes for other social needs. Privatization doesn't care about people, it only cares about profit, so people suffer as a result.