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New York Times Article - Photo of me.
Atomic Goal: 800 Years of Power From Waste


My Dad's Published Works

See Naples and Die
by Robert B. Ellis  -  1996

A Ski Trooper's W.W.II memoir
Bob Dole's War Record
by Robert B. Ellis

Google Books - Digital

Democracy Now - 7/25/96
with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez

Dole's War Record
Interview with Robert B. Ellis

Below is a segment from the  show above. It was filmed partly at I.V. Lab where we invented a Dewar that keeps vaccines cold for 50 days without electricity. That's weeks longer than current devices. At 2:22 Bill Gates removes the vaccines from the commercial version. In the background is the prototype my co-workers and I helped to design and build.  I appear briefly at 3:54.


Nathan Myhrvold on The Colbert Report with his Modernist Cuisine books

 At IV Labs we had an experimental kitchen for Nathan.
Nathan hired a full staff of cooks, photographers, etc.
After years they published Modernist Cuisine.
Along with many others, I was credited as an author.
Mostly, I mostly cut stuff in half for Nathan and his staff.
That includes the Dutch oven shown in this episode.
As usual with Colbert, it's pretty entertaining to watch.



My musical instruments

Parts I've made as a machinist
Mom at Kungsholm Puppet Opera ~1943
Just her puppeteering photo

A Guest Editorial Of Mine
P.I.  -  Single Payer Editorial                - Nov. 2001
P.I.  -  Supportive response to above    - Nov. 2001



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